Diwala is a digital economy platform powered by blockchain that enables refugees
to actively build their identity & skills.
Diwala is a digital economy platform powered by blockchain that enables refugees to actively build and verify their identity & skills
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Diwala wants to encourage refugees to be resourceful. Enabling them to showcase their skillset and their ability to provide a life for themselves both inside and outside the refugee camps.
"We are facing the biggest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. Above all, this is not just a crisis of numbers; it is also a crisis of solidarity."
Ban Ki Moon, United Nations Secretary General
A new start..
Kaouthar had done one year of engineering before the war reached Damascus and she had to flee out of Syria. She was lucky, her boatride only lasted four and a half hours. But the color blue is now only a vivid picture of the boatride to Italy fleeing from Syria. Still, Kaouthar feels that its important to take responsibility, and start her life in Norway.
When an asylum seeker is given refugee protection, they need to attend different kind of integration procedures and courses.
But it can be difficult for a refugee to know what to do next; at the moment there are very few resettlement services that help refugees navigate the labour market.
Did you know?
Refugees might have unaddressed trauma from witnessing conflict or the stress of fleeing their home countries. Some have difficulties with language: many educated refugees have learnt English but other European languages will be less well-known.

Prejudice from employers when they apply for jobs is another issue as is a lack of recognition of qualifications and work placements, as well as gaps in CV. (UNHCR 2016)
The 1951 UNHCR Refugee Convention enables a person to ask for safety from persecution from a signatory country. It has saved millions of lives. An 'asylum seeker' may have their claim for safety refused. But if they are accepted, they are a 'Refugee' and gets to stay.

a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.
In transit.
Some might stay
in a camp for months
or years.
Since a lot of countries are closing the borders, refugees are going to be stuck longer then ever before. In these instances ensuring the resilience of a community and providing opportunities for a decent life becomes increasingly important beyond short-term aid initiatives.
"Refugees have skills, ideas, hopes and dreams… They are also tough, resilient and creative, with the energy and drive to shape their own destinies, given the chance."
UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grand. (UN2017)
How it works
Blockchain technology
Diwala is a decentralized digital economy platform built on blockchain technology. It is easily extendable, and we believe there are many valuable products that can be built on top of Diwala, either by us or others.
The platform will provide tokens (digital currency) to it's ecosystem which will not be available for trading outside the refugee world, as for now. This will create a better controlled market and provide a valuble function to the Diwala Ecosystem.
Token usage
Through purchasing and selling of services and goods with the Diwala token, refugees will be able to create a transaction history for themselves which is documented in the blockchain in a personal secure manner. We can ex. automate this transaction history into a resumee of skillset and experience.
Identity and motivation
The refugees will build up an identity through their transactions, which is stored safely on the blockchain ledger. It is not possible to go and erase others or your own story, which is an essential part of the blockchain. This will give incentives to the refugees to live a life while they are in the refugee camps. Every transaction can be showcased and validated by others that buy their services or products.
Every Refugee will be able to get a start capital with Diwala tokens to buy and trade services starting within the camps. They can then build their own identity by a history of transactions.
Diwala connects unbanked people with a digital currency (diwala tokens) which is safe to hold assets or when they have to move to another camp or country. This means that foodstamps and physical money arent necessary, which can prevent blackmarkets
and stealing.
P2P philantrophy
To enable and support business and entrepreneurship opportunities for refugees. We can give donors direct opportunity to give tokens or pay for services delivered internally from refugee to refugee. This improves efficiency, transparency, and respect between donors and beneficiaries.
Empower opportunities
We enable p2p skill learning between refugees and give everyone exclusive right to their own tokens. We can match camp-based or external job and service opportunities via the blockchain reputation system, and provide refugees with an opportunity to live an active live and potentially grow their funds to be
self-sustainable inside the camps.
The Diwala platform has the potential to especially empower women & children by providing them with an individual opportunity to build their skillset and job opportunites for the future.
Our Journey
Although most of us were unfamiliar with each other, we jumped straight into the challenge of creating a concept built upon Blockchain and helping refugees. Within 36 hours we worked on to discover what we thought would be the best solution we could think of, and in doing so we came up with Diwala.
With an initial idea at hand we presented it for the other participants of the hackathon. We had many pages of concepts and ideas, and managed to distill it into 15 pages that we had 5 minutes to convey

The concept was well received, and we were one of three groups that won the Hackathon! We were overjoyed, but soon landed as we were told the presentation would have to cut down into three minutes until next morning. We had 10 hours to make it perfect, hours which were intended to get some sleep as well. Needless to say, not many hours were spent on that endeavour.
We were nervous before presenting Diwala at the main stage at Katapult Future Fest. Even the crown princess of Norway was amongst the audience! But the presentation went without a hitch, and we got a lot of positive feedback and contacts with interested parties during the conference.
Moving forward
Intensive team workshop to further develop Diwala. Lean prototyping and testing for feedback on the first product with norwegian asylum seekers.

    Case study
    Design case study with Norwegian refugees that's been in Zaatari or developed camps that has an existing market infrastructure and right to work within the camps.

    Human Centered Design Research
    Continue with in-depth interviews with refugees to have a deep understanding for the problem area and what kind of services that are a real need for the Diwala platform to facilitate.
    Co-creating the best possible MVP of the first Diwala product.
    Lean prototyping and testing for feedback on the first product with norwegian asylum seekers

      Launch first MVP
      The Team
      Thea Sommerseth Myhren
      Co-founder, CEO
      Snorre Lothar von Gohren Edwin
      Co-Founder, CTO
      Ed Davies
      Co-founder, COO
      Marina Sellstad
      Co Founder, Creative Director
      Hodo Elmi Aden
      Interaction Designer
      Arne Hassel
      Front-end Developer & Economist
      Jon Ramvi
      Blockchain Advisor
      Kaouthar Mousa
      Diwala Ambassador
      Nour Aburashid
      Diwala Ambassador


      An Ecosystem
      Follow the journey
      There are a multitude of services and products that we can build
      on top of the
      Diwala platform.
      We are currently doing design research to prototype and validate different opportunities by collaborating with refugees that are in Norway. This is done through the Diwala Ambassador program.
      Help us make this happen by donating bitcoins or ether to support our process.
      Its easy to see what we use it for!

      If you are interested in becoming a partner, invest or sponsor, please feel free to contact us.
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